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Not every sign has to be a back lit message board.

Identify your facilities using these easy to install colorful letters molded with your choice of flat, round, prismatic or sculptured faces.

· Over 30 letter styles to choose from.

· Choice of Plastic, Aluminum, Bronze, Brass or Copper.

· 25 standard colors and 3 new transparent colors PLUS clear.

Distinction. Heritage. Prestige. These are the elements that shine through in every inch of our cast plaques. They're also the qualities that you'll project when you choose us—no other product matches the permanence and beauty of our cast bronze or aluminum plaque.

A Start-to-Finish Solution

We create cast plaques to every one of your unique specifications—and do it better than anyone in the industry. From design and development to fabrication and installation, we are your true start-to-finish solution

Whether you need to design a tribute to an individual or group, identify a building or area, or represent an entire organization, no other product can match the artistry and stability of a cast plaque.

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When you need to convey your message in a distinct, memorable fashion—and maintain its integrity for years to come—etched plaques are the optimal solution. No other etched plaque comes close.

Produced by deep photo-etching graphic images into metal sheets, etched plaques are ideal for images with fine detail and small lettering. Our time-tested etching process provides an exact reproduction of artwork and, depending on metal selection, is suitable for both interior and exterior applications. Turnkey custom capabilities ensure that your plaques are manufactured to your specific needs.

Available in aluminum, brass, commercial bronze, copper, muntz metal, stainless steel, and zinc, etched plaques are an ideal choice for a variety of markets and applications.

ADA Compliance 

ADA-compliant cast bronze or aluminum plaques can be created to every one of your unique specifications.

ADA Compliance

ADA-compliant etched Braille, Raster Braille, and tactile lettering is available. Zinc is the ideal choice for ADA signage, with easy etching to almost any depth and unparalleled line detail. A cost-effective ADA option, zinc can be used for both interior and exterior applications.

Designed to deliver any written message in an unforgettable fashion, letters are a versatile architectural signage option that provide a dramatic, dimensional way to spell distinction and prestige. Letters are available as cast letters (bronze or aluminum) or waterjet-cut letters (aluminum, brass, commercial bronze, copper, muntz metal, or stainless steel).

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Crafted to the industry's most exacting quality standards, Our letters are ideal for a long list of applications.

With an air of elegance unlike any other signage product, our cast letters from are the result of decades of experience coupled with state-of-the-art technology.


Cast letters can be made from the following materials:

¨ Cast Bronze (equivalent to Copper Development Association Alloy C92200)

¨ Cast Aluminum Aluminum Association Alloy Designation C443.2

Letter Thickness

Standard depths for solid, flat-backed cast letters are .250", .375", and .50". Deeper letters are cast hollow with return flanges.

Cast letters are made by pouring molten metal into sand molds, a process that results in a highly durable, highly distinctive way to project your image. Cast letters can be produced in many standard letter styles or the custom letter style of your choice (with supplied digital artwork). Cast letters are a great economic alternative when multiple sets of the same text are required. ImageCast™ letters are also available.

Waterjet-Cut Letters

Waterjet-Cut Letters

The ultimate in precision and detail, waterjet-cut letters delivers an outstanding level of quality, prestige, and durability. Waterjet-cut letters are available in a variety of materials and thicknesses.

With sharp inside corners and more precise details than router-cut letters, waterjet-cut letters are ideal for joined letters and script letter styles. Other waterjet-cutting applications include logos that require the precision joining of different materials or instrument and control panels with stencil-cut shapes and pierced holes. 

¨ Bronze 90% Copper, 10% Zinc Standard Sheet Size: 48" x 96"

¨ Brass 70% Copper, 30% Zinc Standard Sheet Size: 36" x 96"

¨ Aluminum Alloy 6061 (Satin & Painted) Standard Sheet Size: 48" x 96"

¨ Copper Standard Sheet Size: 48" x 96"

¨ Muntz Metal 60% Copper, 40% Zinc Standard Sheet Size: 48" x 96"

¨ Stainless Steel Standard: Conforms to Alloy 304 (Optional: Conforms to Alloy 316 Standard Sheet Size: 48" x 96")


Waterjet-cut letters may be cut from any metal sheet, with sheets purchased in sizes listed below. Contact us if you have a requirement that exceeds these sizes or if you would like to discuss the use of an alternate metal.

Ideal for one-of-a-kind custom signs or multi-piece signage systems, Our color signage is specified across a variety of applications.

Alumicolor™Aluminum Signs

Limited Only by the Imagination

Ideal for a variety of promotional, recognition, commemoration, and way-finding applications, color signage is the ultimate combination of high-resolution imagery and unsurpassed durability. Limited only by the imagination, color signage can take your next signage project to unprecedented levels.

· Cutting-edge technology embeds high-resolution four-color images into anodized aluminum

· Anodized aluminum is 60 times harder than standard aluminum, providing greater resistance to sun, rain, sand, snow, heat, saltwater, wind, vandalism, and graffiti

· Unsurpassed image quality

· Scratch- and abrasion-resistant Will not chip, crack, or peel

Based on unique technology, Our color signage opens the pores of anodized aluminum, then “roughens the walls” of these pores to enable dyes to be printed into, not onto, the anodic layer. An advanced thermo-chemical sealing process then locks in the dye, creating remarkable image clarity—and unmatched durability. Images can be created from photographs, artwork, or any other illustration source.

ADA Compliance

Tactile lettering and Braille can both be incorporated in our color signage

All Original Designs are the property of JDesigns LLC,  and may not be used without written authorization from JDesigns LLC

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¨ Architectural Lettering

¨ Color Signage

¨ Cast Plaques

¨ Cast Letters

¨ Etched Plaques