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School Signs capture the attention of everyone who passes by your school! Let your community know about the good things happening at your school! Recognize student, teacher and school achievements...Announce school functions, sporting events, special occasions... Promote fundraisers, thank volunteers and sponsors...

Our outdoor school signs range from traditional manual changeable copy signs to electronic LED moving message signs. We offer hundreds of options, including unique models.

Architectural Signage

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These signs offer VALUE! Not only are they utilized for award winning designs, but they also provide DURABILITY second to none.

All components of the construction are synthetic materials. There will be no rusting, rotting, or deterioration of any kind.

The exterior finish of these signs is 100% aggregated acrylic. The color is integral and will not peal, crack, or blister.

Installation is an easy process. Direct burial installation and light weight are definite advantages.

Another advantage is the ability to build attractive structures around and encapsulate illuminated and LED cabinets for a professional architectural appearance

The right Church Sign will be the ultimate outreach tool for your church, allowing you to get your message out to everyone who passes by your church, 24/7.

We offer a vast selection of church signs, ranging from traditional outdoor Changeable Copy Message Signs to LED Electronic Message Center Display Signs.

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We offer signs that can be finished with a stucco texture finish, you can choose from a fine texture or heavy texture finish. View our wide selections (below) and finish options in the Color and the Stone and Brick Gallery. To view PolyArmour Colors and Brick Styles

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JDesigns, provides a variety of Exterior and Interior Signage, in all 50 states. Whatever type of sign it is, you name it, we probably provide it. If there is a sign you want and donít see it here, please contact us. No matter what industry your in, we can provide a sign for you.† From a sign on a Building to a HD Billboard sign, we provide it. From a School sign to a Church sign we provide it. From a Braille sign to a Construction sign, we provide it. Look through the next few pages and see it we have what you need.

For more Church Signs Visit www.JDesigns4Christ.com

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For PolyArmour Installation Instructions

All Original Designs are the property of JDesigns LLC,† and may not be used without written authorization from JDesigns LLC