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The decision to go digital requires a change in the way an outdoor advertising company does business. Gone is the need to print faces, deliver them to a billboard site, mount them to the structure and repeat this process as faces are rotated around a market.

Going digital gives you the ability to now instantly change ads, rotate them from board to board (or present them simultaneously on multiple boards) and schedule multiple advertisers on one face. This is a quantum leap in technology that now gives outdoor advertising all of the same capabilities as other electronic media like TV, radio and internet - plus more!


Advertisers can now present ads by day-part, in conjunction with local, regional or national promotions, seasonally and even tied to specific events (imagine a retailer being able to offer championship merchandise within seconds of the local team winning the title!) Plus, you'll have another added benefit that traditional media cannot offer - a captive audience.


And even with the 5x or 10x revenue increases common with billboards that convert from static to digital, digital billboard CPM still remains one of the most affordable of all media.

Digital Outdoor is One of the Fastest Growing Media Markets

Given the segmentation of traditional media such as TV and radio, combined with declining audiences for print media, digital outdoor advertising is positioned to be one of the strongest growth segments in the advertising industry, outpaced only by online advertising.


According to PQ Media's Out-of Home-Media Forecast 2007-2011, the growth rate of alternative out-of-home media far exceeded that of the overall advertising industry as well as the total out-of-home media sector, which was one of the fastest-growing advertising sectors from 2001-2006. While the overall advertising industry expanded 6.4% in 2006, total out-of-home advertising increased 10.6% and spending on digital billboards and displays increased 55.4% in 2006 to $233.2 million, according to the report.

Give us a call today at 817 269-9110 today and we'll be glad to help you put the power of digital outdoor advertising to work for you!


JDesigns offers LED Billboards that are long lasting and high performing, as well as solutions for managing a digital billboard.


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Americans report spending an average of 15 hours a week in-car, either as driver or passenger, and perceive traffic is getting worse. Commute times, from the recent Census, have increased 14% from 1990 to 2000. By illuminating outdoor advertisings all night long, advertisers can increase audience impact by 16%. Nationally, overnight (11PM- 6AM) car audiences reach 36.2 million and increase advertising impressions by 16%.


In-car audiences are a vital advertising consideration in all-sized U.S. media markets. A significant amount of shopping occurs on the way home from work. Consumers report these purchases are contemplated during the day and on the way home. As such, out-of-home media such as outdoor advertising and radio are vital to impact shopping and purchasing on the way home from work. The more miles Americans travel in-car each week, the less time they spend with television.


Outdoor advertising and radio commercials deliver immediate results for advertisers. Twenty-nine percent say outdoor advertising caused them to visit a retail store within a week. Fifty-six percent say radio advertising caused them to visit a store in a week. The more time spent in car, the more likely that outdoor and radio advertising motivates consumers to visit a retail store.

Resilient LED Display Cabinets

Ultimately, LED displays are only as good as the cabinets that house them. From components and service panel design to water proofing and heat ventilation, engineers are continuously working on improving our cabinets.


Our cabinets come standard as fully enclosed sealed cabinets with no outside air exchange. This protects our displays from pollutants improves reliability and extends display life. Thermostatically controlled fail-safe cooling systems are also available for extreme high temperature climates. These innovations are just another way we protect your digital outdoor advertising investment and helps you achieve a higher ROI.

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